"We Polyversify Agriculture"


product: Polyversum

Crop/sphere of use: oilseed rape (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Leptosphaeria maculans), wheat and barley (Fusarium spp.)

distributor: Lantmannen

product: Polygandron STP

Crop/sphere of use: sugar beet, fodder beet, beetroot

-Application method/pathogens: seed treatment against damping off (Aphanomyces laevis, Aphanomyces cochlioides, Fusarium spp., Phoma beteae, Pythium ultimum, Rhizocton.solani)

The product can only be applied by the technology procedure valid for the particular application device type.

product: Polygandron TTP

Crop/sphere of use: potato 

-Application method/pathogens: seed treatment against Rhizoctonia solani

product: Polygandron WP

Crop/sphere of use: potato 

Application method/pathogens: foliar application against  Phytophthora infestans

distributor: Lantmannen

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