"We Polyversify Agriculture"

Polyversum OD

Polyversum OD is a new liquid formulation. Polyversum OD offers groundbreaking efficacy by seamlessly integrating Polyversum´s cutting edge power with the application ease of an oil dispersion, setting a new standard in crop protection. Polyversum OD provides highly effective biocontrol against a wide range of pathogens, ensuring unprecedented efficacy. 

OD formulation advantages:

  • Best available technology
  • Easy application
  • Standard application windows
  • Better dispersion
  • Better adhesion to plant surface
  • Less packaging

Polyversum OD is registred for crops such as wheat, spring barley, oil seed rape, sugar beet, grape wine. 

NEW  Polyversum OD is now registred for hops, sunflower, strawberry, tomato, pepper, cucumber, brassica vegetables and other vegetables, peas, lupine, soy, poppy seed, lawns, forest and ornamental trees.


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