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Biopreparaty & Polyversum

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Polyversum Fungi



"Opening Door to Sustainable Agriculture"

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"We develop top-class biological solutions for modern agriculture."


"We aspire to be globally respected biotechnological company."

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are optimistic and passionate to make fast and also risk-calculated decisions. On-time execution is everything for us and a basis for our long-term success. 


Flexibility is our core competence. We are firm on principle, but flexible on method. We move forward quickly, but are able to adopt to new challenges and

Customer Focused

We want to understand our customers’ needs, excel in our services and build up trusty and long-term relationships with our customers.

Solution Oriented

We are critical thinking people with solution-oriented mindset. We are fanatic for finding biological solutions that are in harmony with nature.



Field DayField Day

The firm Biopreparáty, spol. s r.o. presented its product Polyversum in Lešany, ...

New registration in Czech RepublicNew registration in Czech Republic

We obtain a proposal to extend the registration list in Czech Republic from Czech ...

Prosperous oilseeds 2011Prosperous oilseeds 2011

The conference Prosperous oilseeds 2011 was held in the area of the Czech University ...



Biopreparáty & Polyversum

The company continues researching in microbiology. We discover the positive effects of microscopic organism with the Latin name Pythium oligandrum. The scientists tested the mycoparasitic properties of that organism on sugar beet seeds (seed treatment) to prevent seedlings damping-off. Currently the product is authorized for a minor use in poppy, sunflower, mustard, hops, grapes, strawberries, vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, ornamental and golf turf, ornamental and forest nurseries and new registrations are still going.


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