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Polyversum Fungi


"Opening Doors to Sustainable Agriculture"

we are a reliable producer of high-quality formulations of biological products defended by strong registration packages and patents in EU as well as in other territories. 

We discover the positive effects of microscopic organism  Pythium oligandrum in PP

PPP available in following segments:


Home and Garden 


Post harvest

Biopreparáty & Polyversum

The company continues researching in microbiology. We discover the positive effects of microscopic organism with the Latin name Pythium oligandrum. The scientists tested the mycoparasitic properties of that organism on sugar beet seeds (seed treatment) to prevent seedlings damping-off. Currently the product is authorized for a minor use in poppy, sunflower, mustard, hops, grapes, strawberries, vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, ornamental and golf turf, ornamental and forest nurseries and new registrations are still going.

Our biological products are registered and sold for foliar sprays, seed treatment and post-harvest applications in various specialty and arable crops as well as amenity. Application rates range between 100-300 g/ha.

Please go to Registration tab and check your country specific label before use.

We are still looking for distributors for our products.





"We develop top-class biological solutions for modern agriculture."


"We aspire to be globally respected biotechnological company."


New registration in NetherlandsNew registration in Netherlands

New registration of our product Polyversum WP in Netherlands.

New registration in BelgiumNew registration in Belgium

New registration of our product Polyversum WP in Belgium. Watch short video  ...

New registration in IrelandNew registration in Ireland

New registration of our product Polygandron WP in Ireland     ...













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