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Prosperous oilseeds 2011

Prosperous oilseeds 2011

The conference Prosperous oilseeds 2011 was held in the area of the Czech University of life csiences. The possition of oilseeds as an agricultural commodity in the coming years was discussed there.

The situation of subsidies after 2013 for farmers was outlined by Mgr. Fajmon. Optimistic professor Vašák stated position of oilseeds in the Czech Republic in connection with the agrarian situation in the world. Followed lectures has a professional character mainly relating to rape, poppy and sunflower.

We thank all participants of the event, organizers for vocational guidance and speakers for their presentations.

Ing. David Bečka, PhD. welcomed the participants of the event.

At the beginning rector of the Czech University of life sciences professor Balík said a few words about
he current situation in agriculture and food supply in the world.

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