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Field Day

Field Day

The firm Biopreparáty, spol. s r.o. presented its product Polyversum in Lešany, which is organized by the association Český mák in cooperation with ROLS Lešany, spol. s r.o. annually. ROLS Lešany is the company, which produce poppy and provides its fields for demontration trials of plant protection products and fertilizers.

Trial plot, where was applied Polyversum in terms 5. 5. a 14. 5. 2012 always at dosage of 100 g/ha:

Planst of poppy were radically attacked by Stenocarus ruficornis and also they were stressed by dry weather conditions, what is the main problem of farmers in the whole republic. Downy mildew of poppy, which is abundantly present in Moravia, is not the problem in the plots where Polyversum was applied.

We are looking forward to the next field day in Lešany, which will be held in late June.



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