"We Polyversify Agriculture"


product: Polyversum

Crop/sphere of use

Field: winter and spring oil seed rape, winter and spring wheat, spring barley

Field and glasshouse: strawberry, asparagus, ornamental (Botrytis cinerea), leafy vegetable - letuce, spinach, rocket ans fresh herbs; fruiting Solanaceae - pepper, aubergine, tomato (Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia spp.); fruiting Cucurbits - cucumber, courgette (Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia spp, Sphaeroteca fusca

minority use:

Field: dry peas, peas  - with and without pod, soybean, lupine, poppy seed, mustard, sunflower, hops, strawberry, wine grape, brassica vegetable, tree nursery, golf course and ornamental lawns, oil seed rape (green manure), rye, triticale.

distributor: UPL

Product : Polygandron STP,  Polygandron TTP, Polygandron WP, 

Crop/sphere of use:

Polygandron STP- sugarbeet, fodder beet, beetroot - (Aphanomyces laevis, Aphanomyces cochlioides, Fusarium spp., Phoma beteae,Pythium ultimum, Rhizocton.solani)

Polygandron TTP- potato -  Rhizoctonia solani

Polygandron WP- potato -  Phytophtora infestans