"We Polyversify Agriculture"


planned registration  from 2020/2021

product : Polyversum

Crop/sphere of use : oil seed rape, winter wheat , spring barley 

greenhouse: strawberry, asparagus, artichoke, ornamentals (Botrytis cinerea), leafy vegetables, fresh herbs,   tomato, pepper, aubergine, bean (Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia spp.), cucumber, courgette (Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia spp, Sphaeroteca fusca.), 


Minor uses: beat, potato, pea, soya, lupine, poppy, sunflower, strawberry, mustard,  hop, grapevine, brassica vegetable, tomato, pepper, cucumber, forestry and ornamental nurseries, lawns, root vegetable,


distributor: UPL





product : Polygandron STP,  Polygandron TTP, Polygandron WP, 

Crop/sphere of use  

Polygandron STP- beat (damping off)

Polygandron TTP- potato -  Rhizoctonia solani

Polygandron WP-potato -  Phytophtora infestans

distributor: UPL