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Methods of application of Polyversum

Seed treatment

Dry seed dressing
Registration dosage is 0.5 - 1 kg (according to the crop) of the product Polyversum per one ton of seed. Seed is simple mixed with the product. The purpose is reduction of the soil phytopathogenic funghi which can attack plants at the beginning of vegetation.

Wet seed dresing
Registration dosage is 0.5-1 kg of the product per one ton of seed. It is necessary to propertly mix this amount of the product in 5-10 l of clean water and this suspension must be applied in two hours in seed dresser by spraying on seeds. You can use clean water from water main or other source and the temperature of this water shall not be higher than 35 ° C. The container for the preparation of suspension for seed dressing must be washed out propertly in advance and must not contain residues of fungicides or other chemical products. Similarly, it must be aslo cleaned the seed dresser. After use the container for the preparation of suspensions and the seed dresser can be washed with clean water and this water and this rinse water can be disposed by pouring into the sewage system.

Spray application

Pour into the clean (flushed several times with water) containers of capacity of approx. 20 liters measured amount of the product Polyversum for the intended treatment area.
Pour into a container ten to twenty liters of clean water.
Then mix the entire content of the container and let for 20-30 minutes stand, after this time mix it again.
This suspension must be applied no later than 10 hours since the product Polyversum was soaking with water.
The content of container shall be shedded through attached filter directly into the spray tank.
The product may contain particles greater than 350 microns. In the sprayer use the filters of size 365 micron (blue) and bigger.
If tankmix is made, do not mix concentrates but pour products into the spray tank separately, the Polyversum suspension should get into the tank last.
Clean the application equipment after using with clean water and apply this water to the surface of any plant cover, such as lawn.



The dosage of watering suspension is 0.05% of the product Polyversum in water. The purpose is the stimulation of plant growth at the beginning of vegetaion and their protection against soil phytopathogens.

Soaking of seedlings/roots of plants

Dipping of the root ball in Polyversum suspension (of 0.05% concentration) closely before planting of seedlings helps plants to defend against soil pathogens and stimulates their growth. Alternatively, you can shed seedlings with 0.05% suspensions.

Packaging disposal

Container, in which the product is distributed, can be disposed as follows:
The outer cardboard packaging is fully recyclable as waste paper.
Inner packaging - bag of PET/MET material can be disposed as ordinary waste.

Disposal of residues (sweepings)

All material residues can be disposed as ordinary waste. Residues of treated seeds can be disposed as ordinary waste or they can be sowing.

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