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About us ...


BIOPREPARÁTY, spol. s r. o.

Who are we?

Biopreparáty, spol. s r. o. - We are Czech company founded in yeasr 1997. We produce biological products usable in the field of plant protection in conventional, integrated and organic farming. We export our product in the EU countries, China, USA, Costa Rica and Panama.


Our domains

  • Biological control of harmful organisms occurring on agricultural crops
  • Research and development of biological products using in plant protection
  • Exchange of experiences and cooperation with research organizations
  • Development of Integrated Pest Management
  • Competitive prices of biological products


Objectives and visions

Company Biopreparáty, spol. s r. o. has long tradition in the market of biological products using in plant protection. We still want to continue and expand our clientele through new product registration and new products usable in wide range of field and garden crops.

Our company wants to offer to customers - farmers - plant protection products on the natural base, which are with its effectiveness comparable to synthetic products.


We are members of

IBMA – International Biocontrol Manufacturer’s Association

SPZO – Union of Growers and Processors of Oilseeds

Sdružení český mák – association of legal entities and individuals producing, processing and trading with poppy seeds

Czech-Bio – Czech Biotech Companies Assotiation

PRO-BIO – Czech Organic Farmers Assotiation



The company continues with Dr. Dáša Veselý research in microbiology. He discovered the positive effects of microscopic organism with the Latin name Pythium oligandrum. The scientists tested the mycoparasitic properties of that organism on sugar beet seeds (seed treatment) to prevent seedlings damping-off.

Company Biopreparáty, spol. s r. o. was established in 1997. We improve our product since then. It is now widely used in all crops in which it is registered.

The product was registered at the Czech national level in rape in 2006. This registration is still valid. Currently the product is authorized for a minor use in poppy, sunflower, mustard, hops, grapes, strawberries, vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, ornamental and golf turf, ornamental and forest nurseries and new registrations are still going.

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